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What do California Emergency Response Corps Members do?


CERC Members deploy to California declared emergency operations, empower community-based partnerships, and serve the most vulnerable community members through local partner placements. Each service site has its own individual structure and policies, but all California Emergency Response Corps Members:

  • Serve identified vulnerable communities daily

  • Attend CERC-wide, regional, and site-specific trainings. Training includes, but is not limited to skill- building specific to member’s duties; workshops on personal and professional development; team-building exercises and service-learning projects delivered during Member orientation and retreats

  • Are responsible for being available to deploy for up to 2 weeks each time, anywhere in the state on short notice (within 24-48 hours). 

                              ***This is a full-time 40hours/week position***


  • Monthly stipend

  • Healthcare

  • $10,000 Education Award upon completion of 1700 hour contract

  • Student loan forbearance (for qualifying loans)

Minimum Qualifications

●    Age 18 years or older 
●    U.S. Citizen or lawful permanent resident
●    Live locally to nonprofit partner for day-to-day service
●    Ability to deploy on short notice anywhere in California for disaster response four times yearly for up to two weeks each deployment


●    Two years professional or volunteer experience (in related fields), or Bachelor’s Degree
●    Ability to speak Spanish or other non-English language strongly preferred 


When do we deploy?

With as little as 24-48 hours notice, CERC members may be deployed up to four times, two weeks at a time during their service term. CERC is activated for deployment by the Governor’s Office and California Volunteers (CV).

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