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Providing Emergency Preparedness Education and Response Throughout California



CERC’s missions are to help Californians become better prepared for disasters and to be on call for deployment in response to disasters throughout the state. When not on deployment, CERC members work with regional partners and focus on priorities such as helping local communities respond to, prepare, and recover from disasters; navigating the complexities of the COVID-19 pandemic; working to combat food inequities in vulnerable communities; assisting educational opportunity and economic mobility for communities experiencing persistent unemployment or underemployment; and other services that increase civic engagement and social cohesion.



What do California Emergency Response Corps Members do?


CERC Members deploy to California declared emergency operations, empower community-based partnerships, and serve the most vulnerable community members through local partner placements. Each service site has its own individual structure and policies, but all California Emergency Response Corps Members:

  • Serve identified vulnerable communities daily

  • Attend CERC-wide, regional, and site-specific trainings. Training includes, but is not limited to skill- building specific to member’s duties; workshops on personal and professional development; team-building exercises and service-learning projects delivered during Member orientation and retreats

  • Are responsible for being available to deploy for up to 2 weeks each time, anywhere in the state 

                              ***This is a full-time 40hours/week position***


  • Monthly stipend

  • Healthcare

  • $10,000 Education Award upon completion of 1700 hour contract

  • Student loan forbearance (for qualifying loans)

Minimum Qualifications

●    Age 18 years or older 
●    U.S. Citizen or lawful permanent resident
●    Live locally to nonprofit partner for day-to-day service
●    Ability to deploy on short notice anywhere in California for disaster response four times yearly for up to two weeks each deployment


●    Two years professional or volunteer experience (in related fields), or Bachelor’s Degree
●    Ability to speak Spanish or other non-English language strongly preferred 


When do we deploy?

With as little as 24-48 hours notice, CERC members may be deployed up to four times, two weeks at a time during their service term. CERC is activated for deployment by the Governor’s Office and California Volunteers (CV).



Binational of Central California in Fresno

California State University -
Positions open on campuses through the state

Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE) in Los Angeles

El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center in San Bernardino

North Coast Opportunities in Lake County

United Way Fresno and Madera Counties


BIg Brothers Big Sisters of Central California

Education Leadership Foundation

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